Environment-friendly air conditioners


Wall-mounted air conditioners by KAISAI ECO are units with an elegant design and a wide range of operating temperatures in the cooling and heating mode. Thanks to the use of a modern compressor and DC motors the unit is energy-efficient and quiet.

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Energy efficiency

The eco mode allows saving even up to 70% of energy when compared to conventional mode operation.


The air conditioner has a wide range of outside operating temperature: -15°C up to 50°C in cooling mode and -25°C up to 30°C in heating mode.

WiFi Ready

The air conditioner is adapted to install the WiFi module. All what you need is a smart kit to take full advantage of the controls using a tablet or smartphone.

Remote controller

You can easily set the appropriate air parameters in the room. The remote controller has a lot of useful functions.

Energy-efficient air conditioners


  • Operating mode: auto, cooling, heating, ventilation
  • High-efficiency fans of the indoor and outdoor unit powered by DC motors
  • Function of constant heating 8°C
  • Function of temperature sensor in remote control unit
  • Function of evaporator self-cleaning
  • High SEER / SCOP ratings
  • Allows connecting condensate outlets on both sides
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Efficient air conditioners


  • Nominal cooling capacity: 2,6 / 3,5 / 5,3 / 7,0 kW
  • Nominal heating capacity: 2,9 / 3,8 / 5,6 / 7,3 kW
  • DC Inverter technology
  • Mesh filter with increased HD density
  • Maximum length of cooling installation: 25 – 50m
  • Maximum height of cooling installation: 10 – 25m
  • Cooling medium R32
  • Energy efficiency class A++/ A+
  • Recommended operating temperature in cooling mode: -15~50°C
  • Recommended operating temperature in heating mode: -25~30°C
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Multipurpose Solutions


Rooms and residential houses
Public utilities and administration buildings
Office premises, conference rooms
Hotels, catering facilities

Energy-efficient air conditioners


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